About Me! :D

Hello Fellow Flowers!

I am RLC and I heartily welcome you all to my humble online abode, Octapetals. šŸ˜Œ

I am a Gen Z-er šŸ˜ I am studying in Bachelors along with working as a content writer. I write IG Carousels, YouTube video research notes, Twitter threads, LinkedIn Posts, Blogs, Newsletters etc. This is my professional side, but my not-so-professional side wants me to write and experiment with new things! šŸ§  and this is the reason why I created Octapetals šŸŒ¼

I am a committed lifelong learner, a DIY pro, a weaver of words, an admirer of arts, a musicophile and a bibliophile. I am also a procrastinator and a perfectionist. (Someday, I am gonna be perfect… Some….day… šŸ¤”)

I love watching movies, series, documentaries, podcasts… almost anything and everything that is insightful and also I am a huge animal lover šŸ¤—

I always wanted to have a pen friend; though the civilization has already moved on, I still appreciate having pen friends or I would say chat friends! šŸ˜

If you feel like we are sharing the same braincells, if you have thoughts and opinions about what I have posted here, if you want to admire my work or just chat about random insights you’ve got while having your breakfast, I am just a click away! šŸ˜ƒ